Friday, September 27, 2013

Muslim Ghetto in Bury Park, Luton 2012

Here is a real life account of life in a muslim ghetto in Bury Park Luton in England sent in by Paula...
I lived in university halls of residence in bury park, Luton. On my first day I was told by the hall warden never to go out alone because it would be too dangerous. After pushing the reasons, I found out that this was because I was a white, blonde woman in the middle of a Muslim community. I was told only to use the co-op and if I needed anything else I should catch the bus from the end of the street and go to town with friends. I wasn't to use the shops in bury park.
Being stubborn and defiant, I used the shops in bury park! I wanted fruit and deodorant. Some shops refused to serve me. No one spoke English in any of the shops, so I struggled to ask for directions to places. I walked to work after being advised not to. I was followed by Muslim teenage boys in their cars. If I caught a taxi, I was lectured about he prophet Mohammad. I was told to cover up. I felt like an outcast in my own country!
There were race wars in the clubs where he Muslims and black people would shoot or stab each other. The only place that was safe was the halls of residence complex and even that had all the gates to the complex locked after dark. Friends were mugged at gunpoint by Muslims just because they were white. I was attacked on the way to work one day by an Asian man. I called the police and it took them 2 weeks to come and take my statement. By that time I couldn't remember what he looked like. I know that if I was an Asian woman attacked by a white man, they'd have come out immediately.
If you are a native European and have lived in a muslim ghetto and wish to tell your story please write up your account and send it here. Only your first name will be used in the blog post. You can use a fake name if you like. The only way we are going to get the masses to believe this is happening is by making a lot of noise so speak up!

To find out why all this could be happening, please read this.
or watch FINAL CALL all nine parts


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