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Muslim Ghetto in Leicester

My real life account of life in a muslim ghetto in Leicester, UK.

Imagine if you were a nineteen year old female student and had moved to an area in Leicester, which was almost exclusively inhabited by muslims who had not integrated into Westernised society. Imagine being unable to leave the house unless either chaperoned by a male housemate or if wearing a long hooded coat with your hood pulled close around your face. Imagine despite covering yourself up as much as you could, you still got spat at, had to listen to torrents of abusive, aggressive and intimidating comments while walking past an Islamic video rental shop full to the brim with hostile looking men, had to endure dirty looks from men/women/children to the point of doors being closed as you walked along, had men shout vile sexual remarks across the road at you, had men stalk you/cross the road to get to you/change direction to finally shadow you by a foot and ask you how much you charged, had to endure men breathing deeply into the back of your neck every time you left the house alone at night, had to fear for your life every time you left the house alone, had eggs/pooh/wee/washing up liquid pushed through the letterbox or thrown at the walls and windows...and had bangs on the doors and windows at night. Imagine if this was a daily and nightly occurance that you endured for a year, your first ever year of independence out in the big wide world. Imagine if such a thing never happened again, other than more mildy in another more mixed area.

You would maybe think it was a bit off considering England is supposed to be a free and welcoming kind of place. Would such an experience not stay with you for life and make you think differently to people who had never experienced anything like it? Would you feel compelled to let people know about it despite knowing that most people will hate you for telling them? Would you find it frustrating not being able to warn everyone in an effective way that more and more young women are going to experience the same thing as time goes on? When you find out the mentality that caused your treatment was growing rapidly as the mentality you had grown up in was shrinking, would you have visions of the future being more like the awful experience and less like the one you knew and loved?

What if you discovered there were other people (black, white, men, women, children, old, young) who had suffered the same treatment but whose voice was not heard by the majority due to the majority only ever getting their information from censored MSM outlets? Would you not see the rare media outlets that do publicise the strife of non-muslims in muslim ghettos as your breath of fresh air, your lifelines to honest reporting, your fellow champions of freedom and liberty? Unfortunately, 'normal' people who have never suffered life in a muslim ghetto would discount such websites or organisations as racist and brand you an extremist for even looking at them. Well, it is true....the truth is often extreme and deeply unpleasant.

What would you do if you were me? Do nothing? Just get on with your life as though nothing happened? Not care less about other women or future generations? Or spend twenty years trying your best to pass on your account in the hope it trickles through and makes a difference? Would you also wrack your brain trying to find a solution to the seperatism that is at the core of the problem, a solution that offered a win-win solution? If you did actually hit the nail on the head, would you not then focus on letting everyone know about it, maybe even if it was a vain attempt to solve a problem no young woman should have to FEEL as though she is dealing with alone, or in isolation at least.

We do have a problem, it is growing, many of you will not be properly aware of it (due to not living in a muslim ghetto and due to the MSM hiding the facts and due to women like me being scared of speaking out or shouted down and shunned if they do), there will be no peaceful solution if nothing is said/done/researched/debated.

God/Allah was an imaginery volcano god. There IS no god and no allah.

That is the solution...the only peaceful one I have been able to come up with so far and, I believe, the only one that offers any chance of saving even the notion of freedom and liberty in the world. Time is running out and so far none of the work of anti-Islam bloggers, websites or activist organisations has made one jot of difference.

US State Department’s senior adviser for Muslim engagement, Farah Pandith, said about Leicester: “The most conservative Islamic community she had seen anywhere in Europe. Girls as young as four years old were completely covered… At a local book store, texts… seemed designed to segregate Muslims from their wider community, urging women to cover themselves and remain in their homes, playing up the differences between Islam and other religions, seeking to isolate Muslims from community, and feeding hate of Jews to the young.”


It seems impossible to get papers to discuss the actual experiences of non-muslims living in muslim ghettos. Even when a woman drove through a muslim ghetto, she said she found it 'the most frightening experience of her life'. What happened? Did the papers publish her comments in sympathy and understanding with a desire to generate debate and research? No, they worked together to attack her and paint her as a racist, effectively silencing her and anyone else tempted to speak out.

Here are some of the top rated comments on the Daily Mail article about the chef from Two Fat Ladies. The figures in brackets show the number of green arrows.

Why has this caused 'outrage'? I once got lost whilst on foot in a large area, similar to that and I too felt uncomfortable. A crowd of men who had just left a building of worship refused to move to let me walk past forcing me instead to walk on a very busy road. I was also heckled whilst doing so (I was a young woman at the time). I also asked directions whilst in the area but was ignored on purpoose. I have no problem with anyone because of their race or religion, ,but I do have an issue with men who look down on women, and folk who purposely display a serious lack of manners. CDW is not known for her subtlety, is merely expressing her opinion and rightly, or wrongly should be allowed to do so.(9627)

I was born there and I completely agree with Clarissa. (8358)

'caused outrage'??? Merely expressing her right to freedom of speech in my opinion which she is entitled to do so. I wish to express mine and say there are points in this story i agree with. Unfortuanly i wont name them in fear the pc brigade will track me down. (7129)

I'm getting tired of every criticism being called "racist". This word is now bandied about so much to express disapproval of something, that it has virtually lost all meaning. As someone else has said, Islam is not a race, and neither are Moslems. Please use a different word. (6750)

I went round that very area last night. Melbourne St in Highfields, Leicester was teeming with people in full Islamic costume. I felt awkward being gawped at as the only Kaffir in that area. With 4 Mosques within that general area I could justifably call it the Islamic Republic of Highfields, Leicester. (781)

My Brother was working in a muslim area and he was walking along a road and some muslims crossed the road and spat at him. I wouldn't want to walk those streets. (731)

Why critisise her for telling the truth? She's right of course. The is England - and some parts of our country are NOT multicultural at all - but monocultural. Where is the integration? Why are foreigners not integrating with the British culture and way of life? Surely multicultural means to mix - not separate? SHE IS RIGHT. So wherever you see PC nonsense - ban it, stand against it, stop it. (720)

The mainstream media does not reflect the sentiments of the masses and that is because it is hiding facts from us in order to progress its multicultural globalist utopian project.

Click THIS to get started on learning about the theory god was an imaginary volcano god.

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