Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Francesco Hounye, Victim of Muslim Ghetto Tower Hamlets, England.

What happens when a non-muslim ventures into a muslim ghetto in England and acts a little different, particularly if he holding a bottle of drink at the time? He is likely to get beaten up. That is exactly what happened to an American student who, unfortunately, felt the brunt of Islamofacism in Tower Hamlets, which is more a monocultural area than a multicultural one. The following news report exert was taken from this website. Please note that the term 'local' is, in Tower Hamlets, a euphemism for 'non-muslim' and 'Asian' is a euphemism for 'muslim'.


Investigating officer, Detective Constable Ben Mott, said: “We believe the suspects picked a fight with the victim as he was obviously not from the local area and they took exception to the fact that he was a bit different.

“The victim has an Italian accent, his own style of dress and mannerisms and, when challenged by the Asian males, answered them back.

“They retaliated by grabbing the bottle and launching a vicious attack that has left him scarred for life.

“He had come to the UK to enhance his studies and has been left so shocked and horrified by what happened that he feels unsafe and is unsure if he wants to stay here.

“The CCTV footage is exceptionally clear and I believe the suspects to be local.

“I would ask people to please look closely at the faces of the attackers and help us identify them. I am positive someone would know who they are from looking at the footage.”

The suspects are described as Asian and aged in their late teens to early 20s. They are possibly Bengali.

 Francesco Hounye, the victim, has my deepest sympathies. Had he visited England even just thirty years ago, his opinion of the country would have been very different. I hope he returns to the US to warn other citizens to keep away from Europe as many areas are simply too risky for na├»ve travellers.

To find out why all this could be happening, please read this.
And watch FINAL CALL - all nine parts...

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